samedi 29 juin 2013

High Humidity

Time for a few sheep shots.....These two are always close together, the weather isn't really getting much better and I have still to shear quite a number of the sheep but they are getting done slowly.

Soelie was completely rooed two days ago, she has an entire fleece underneath her old one not just a bit of fine hair! There are a few more to be rooed before I finish with the shears.

And the lambs are maturing nicely.

Il est encore trop humide à tondre les moutons, mais l'herbe et les agneaux poussent bien.  

The Ouessant Sheep originates from the island of Ouessant, part of a tiny archipelago just off the north coast of Finistere, Brittany. The island of terror as it was known to some, was swept by the full force of the atlantic’s weather, the hardy sheep adapted to survive on poor grazing from salty clifftop meadows. It was the women of the island that raised the sheep, renowned for their black wool to weave into cloth known locally as berlinge and their meat with its sweet and delicate taste.

La race "Mouton d'Ouessant" est originaire de l’île d’’Ouessant qui fait parti d’un petit archipel au large du Finistère, Bretagne. L’île de l'épouvante comme c'était connu par certains était balayé par les intempéries de l’atlantique, ces moutons rustiques s'adaptaient à survivre sur les pâturages pauvres des falaises salées. C’était les femmes de l’île qui élevaient les moutons réputés pour leur laine noire à tisser « la berlinge » une étoffe régionale et leur viande avec un goût doux et délicat.

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